Friday, September 11, 2009

The Three P's: Pork, Picatta, and Panzanella

Aging, once fresh bread is transformed by a brushing of olive oil and a few minutes under the broiler. Toss this now magical bread with some fresh tomatoes, cucumber, a little garlic, and some bitter greens and you've got yourself a very tasty and nice looking panzanella.

A plain-jane pork tenderloin turns into something much more when sliced thinly and pounded into submission to create wafer-thin cutlets. Dredge these cutlets in seasoned flour, pan fry in butter and olive oil, and you can do little wrong - save overcooking.

On this occasion I decided to finish picatta-style by making a simple pan sauce of reduced white wine, shallots, capers, and butter.

In the wine department I resist the urge to open a good bottle of Burgundy, of which I have precious few; instead opting for a bottle which has been languishing in our fridge for some time: "Kung Fu Girl" Riesling from the Columbia Valley. Pork and Riesling? What's not to like? Aromatic and fairly balanced, I really enjoyed this happenstance pairing. The wine's pedigree showed through as its maker, Charles Smith and K Vintners, were named "Winemaker of the Year" by Food & Wine magazine in 2009.

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