Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bill Evans: Peace Piece

In prepping for tonight's Thursday Evening Jazz show, I find myself transfixed, again by this tune:

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Phoenix in Bozeman: Starky's Authentic

In March of 2009, Bozeman's downtown landscape was altered by a natural gas explosion that claimed the life of one person and altered the course of many others. Located next to the blast site, Starky's Deli closed because of extensive damage. A little over a year later, Starky's is back. While Glen, Kathy and several familiar staffers remain, this is not the Starky's you remember. This is Starky's reborn. A phoenix from the flames: Starky's Authentic Americana.

While you can still get your deli sandwich standards like pastrami or chopped liver, Starky's dinner is our focus tonight. Americana sums it up with an eclectic menu of comfort food and classic bistro fare.

We started the meal with the calamari fries: strips of steak-y calamari generously breaded in a fluff-n-crispy batter. Pretty little rolls arrive before the big guns come out: chicken and waffles, local beef short ribs with "caulimash", and some fish and chips (also coated in that perfectly fluffy/crispy batter).

Doughnuts for dessert? Why, yes please! Four little fried pillows of goodness were coated in crytall-y sugar-y goodness. A lighter option in the form of angel food cake balances out the table.

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