Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cafe Francais des Arts Opens in Bozeman

Francophile's delight: France has come to Bozeman. Okay, there is no Arc de Triumphe at the intersection of Main and Willson, but if you happen to stroll into the nearby Cafe Francais des Arts you might find yourself glancing out the window looking for Parisian landmarks that an oooooo--aaaaaa--ooooo--aaaaa siren of les sapeurs pompiers? No, but what you will hear is French-accented English at the counter and the delicate crisps-crunch of a fluffy croissant in your mouth. The apricot-brioche, crepe b├ęchamel, and double espresso rounded out a delightfully lazy Saturday breakfast. Sandwiches, fresh bread, and other treats will have to wait for future (like tomorrow perhaps) visits.

Bienvenue a Bozeman Cafe Francais des Arts!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Airport Cowboy

If horses could fly, Slim wouldn't need to wait for no dern 737. Spotted in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

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