Monday, September 21, 2009

Between BZN and SFO lies NV...And Not Much Else

It takes about 17 hours of driving to get from Bozeman, Montana to San Francisco, California. Once you leave behind the mountains of southwest Montana and head into Idaho, and later, Nevada, there is lot of "empty" out there. Need open space? Check out the 500 miles or so between Twin Falls, ID and Reno, NV.

Day one of the trip ended in the delightful town of Grass Valley, CA. For dinner, Lefty's Grill served up a mean burger with a personal fave - an over easy fried egg on top.

After a few hours of sleep, a hearty breakfast of chili relleno, potatoes, and two more over easy eggs sets me straight - as I set my sights on the Bay Area.

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