Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Delicious Monday Night Chow? Oh yes.

That's right, on the night of the week that makes boiling water seems like a hideous challenge, I managed to crank out a nice little feast using a few ingredients snatched up at Heeb's while on a lunch-time stroll.

For a tasty first course, beets were roasted, chopped and combined with toasted pine nuts, olive oil, local goat cheese, and placed on top a crispy baguette slice.

Fresh peas were blanched, pureed, and combined with some half and half. A couple of local tomatoes, some garlic and some olive-oil-enhanced baguette croutons formed a quick panzanella salad.

Seven bucks worth of beef tenderloin (3/4 pound) was grilled, rested, and sliced. The beefy goodness rounded out the plate of veggie goodness. To finish it off, a red wine/balsamic reduction was drizzled on the plate.

On a Monday night this tasted like a million bucks.

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