Thursday, July 16, 2009

LaTinga: Enchiladas With Tuna, Potatoes, Olives and Yellow Chile

I *love* Bozeman's LaTinga. They know your name. They make fresh corn tortillas. They make me happy; and judging from the line out the door on most days, they make many others happy too.

Whether I go for the indulgent Tex-Mex-y nachos (with home-made chips and scorching hot salsa) or one of their more authentic tingas, moles, or rellenos I am almost always glad I did.

Today's lunch special was a bit more exotic than usual: Enchiladas with tuna, potatoes, olives, and yellow chile.

A enchilada version of the classic salad Nicoise?

Salty olives, chunks of tuna and potatoes produced a savory filling to the fresh corn tortillas that did their best to hold together the goodness within. A few bits of cilantro and onion brighten up the flavor.

....All of this glugged down with an extremely refreshing cantaloupe juice drink.

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