Saturday, April 4, 2009

Escape to Jackson Hole: Part 1

"...Sometimes whatever you're looking for is right in you backyard." Whoever said this anyway? Oh, uh...I did...two posts ago. Que lastima!

That theory may work on Wednesday...but its Saturday and we left town. Taking advantage of the off-season rates, we escaped to Jackson Hole for a quick weekend getaway. Do we need an excuse? Okay, it's Jen's birthday!

Jackson, Wyoming where its said the at the billionaires have chased out the millionaires, is what it is: a resort town for the well-heeled and the wish-I-was-well-heeled that happens to be bordered by the stunning Grand Teton National Park.

Enjoying Jackson's uncrowded spring off-season, we tour the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Not just mountain lions and grizzly bears this museum has a surprising collection that includes both well known genre-artists like Batemen, Catlin and Bodmer, but also O'keefe and Warhol. Who knew?

For dinner we were directed to Trio by a colleague. Recognized by Food & Wine magazine in 2008, Trio is a hip-gastro-pub/American Bistro that offers everything waffle fries with a blue cheese fondue (missing this is a fon-don't!...*sorry*) to wood fired pizzas and more traditional entrees like risottos and pastas.

In a moment of weakness (clarity?) we order the aforementioned waffle fries with our cocktails. Look, I am not sure what Warren Buffet had for dinner, but I am willing to wager that whatever it was it wasn't as good as the fried goodness in front of us - especially if you include our cocktails: a basil mojito and a lemon-rosemary-vodka concoction.

That combo alone could have made for a great dinner....but we didn't drive five hours to have french fries and liquor....not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you.

Round two in the food department involves something not fried: two salads. One of classic arugula-olive oil-lemon-Parmesan the other field greens, roasted mushrooms, Point Reyes blue cheese and candied walnuts.

A stout, but balanced 2005 Groth Cabernet Sauvignon goes well with the salads and the simple but delicious pizza margarita that serves as our main course. Watching the pizza from dough-toss to flaming wood-fired oven in the open kitchen added to the experience, I'm sure.

For dessert I was delighted to find a cheese assortment of manchego with honey, fontina with orange zest, cheddar with herbs and Point Reyes blue with a balsamic reduction was a perfect ending to enjoy the wine lingering in my glass.

Tomorrow: Breakfast and the Tetons.

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