Saturday, March 14, 2009

Plonk at Plonk

A few years ago a wine bar opened in the most unlikely of places: Bozeman, Montana. The concept was wonderful: a hip, inviting environment backed up by a solid wine list and consistently delicious food and small plates. Come to think of it, that description sucks. Plonk is, was, and hopefully will continue to be, a cool enjoyable place you never quite get enough of. As if this wasn't enough, Plonk also became a bar with some of the best hand-made cocktails outside of NYC or San Francisco.

Sitting at the Plonk bar tonight however, was a bit different. Animal species, concepts, even restaurants evolve. When Plonk first opened, it was a wine bar and a damn good one. Some time into the project, we noticed the disappearance of one of the proprietors...and the addition of hard liquor to the offerings. The wine bar became a bar with wine. Deep's okay, the commitment to quality remained despite the occasional flaky wait-person and a drift from the focus on the wine.

Hand-made cocktails with delightful and surprising concoctions of spirits, herbs, fruit - sometimes all three - were added to the already creative menu of hand-picked wines, tasty and creative small plates, all wrapped up in cool music and a chill environment that you hoped you blended into seamlessly.

Plonk is, was, and we hope will continue to be a unique and wonderful offering in this unique and wonderful place: Bozeman.

Which brings us to tonight: Plonk at Plonk. The proprietor that left Plonk some time ago has struck out and created his own wine. A wine of 100% syrah from Paso Robles. It was delicious with the perfectly medium-rare hanger steak and hand cut frites.

Tonight it was a little bit of the old Plonk at the new Plonk. Congratulations, Plonk on your new chapter...congratulations Plonk on your new release. We wish the best to you both.

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PlonkGuy said...

Thanks for the review! I'm stoked that you enjoyed my wine.



abby said...

did you know i designed that bottle label? /a