Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not bad for...

To make the most of an extra day off, I headed up to Bridger to (a) hike up and see how much snow there is and (b) depending on the findings of (a) attach skis to feet and (c) make the first turns of the season.

As it turns out, (a) and (b) went well and to my surprise so did (c). Now, as a western skier, I would call the conditions "firm" with the occasional death-rut. The snow surface felt and sounded like somebody sprayed frozen stucco all over the hill. The soundtrack being played by my bases and edges was definitely that of the "early season" or maybe "July".

Considering I had to hike up the first 500' vertical just to get on to snow, not a bad day, indeed. Attached is the daily photo from the BB site: http://www.bridgerbowl.com/mediagallery/dailyphoto/

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