Monday, November 10, 2008

Another really horrible dinner...

I can tell already that I am going to need to get a small camera and keep it with me at all times.

Here is a re-cap of Friday's dinner without pictures:

Tuna tartare on a crispy won ton chip with avocado-wasabi-lime-mustard puree, garnished with tobiko and chives. White bean soup with kale. Hand-cut steaks as big as phone books topped with compound butter. Gruyere potato gratin. Creamed spinach. For desert: Humboldt Fog cheese with a roasted red grape and rosemary compote.

The wine standouts...St. Joseph, Neyers Syrah and a Banyuls that seemed as if it had been made for a singular pairing with the Humboldt Fog/grape thing.

It all sucked.

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John Saxon said...

Yet another example of the terrible suffering endured by Americans in this financial crisis. How much more can we take?