Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pizza Night at Home

Tonight was pizza night, with provisions from our good friends at Bozeman's All Things Italian. The two home-made pies were made with "00" flour, and the bottle of 2007 Tuscan Bran Caia tasted like a million bucks.

The "00" crusts baked up thin, crispy, and chewy. For toppings one pizza was adorned with thin-sliced potatoes, Tallegio cheese, and Da Vino Salami from Salumi. The second slightly more traditional pie featured home-made roasted tomoto puree, hot soppressata, a few green olives, roasted mushrooms, and the requisite mozzarella.

Want some? Head over to All Things Italian to get the raw materials. Then get a dangerously hot oven and make a few hundred practice pies until you get the desired results. Buon appetito.

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