Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dining at Seattle's Dahlia Lounge

On our weekend blast to Seattle, we settled on dinner at Dahlia Lounge. What looks like Chef Tom Douglas' most lounge-y restaurant sets the mood with dark wood, paper shades, and red-hued upholstered booths.

The menu is a mashup of all things Northwest with a healthy dash of Asian sprinkled about the dishes.

We get things started with a couple of tastes from the sea bar: ahi tartare with tobiko and avocado, geoduck clams, and hiramasa. Fresh and oceanic describe the ahi and hiramasa; "tastes of where it lives" describes the tidal-mud-flat dwelling geoduck (but in a good way, Jen adds.)

I couldn't pass up the foie gras dumpling soup with shitake mushrooms. This initially delicious Asian soup goes to the next level with little nuggets of fatted liver goodness in the tender dumplings floating in the shiny broth. Yum.

Main courses included crab cakes that Jen describes as "all crab, no cake", and my pan-roasted black cod with black-eyed peas, country ham and escarole. Homey AND delicious! Also, the cod skin was intact and crispy.

Dessert? Yes. Doughnuts? Double yes. Tom D's little pillows of happiness are made fresh to order, and shaken in a paper bag table-side with cinnamon and sugar. Marscapone creme and a cranberry jam round out the dish, just in case fried dough, sugar, and cinnamon isn't enough.

The almost floral, but balanced 2008 Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Grande Reserve pairs nicely with our largely sea-based meal.

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