Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cracked Eggs on Pizza?

Thanks to a recent pizza-n-eggs experience at Bozeman's Emerson Grill, we whipped up a "pizza carbonara" tonight. Using Jen's home-made crust as a base, we added mozzarella, peas, crispy speck, olive oil, potatoes, and...two fresh farm eggs. Not only does the end result look beautiful, but the egg, peas, potato, and pig all play very nice in the pizza sandbox. We cracked the eggs just before we put the pie in the oven (500 degrees with a well-heated stone); and while it was certainly tasty, the eggs were cooked hard. Note to self: next time, crack the eggs on the pie with about five minutes to go for that creamy-yolk goodness.

"Back-up" pies included a classic combo of sausage, mushroom, and olives, as well as potato, salami, and marscapone.

Just in case you are wondering what I might have for breakfast tomorrow...I plan on frying up a couple of over easy eggs for the crispy-edgy-bits of tonight's leftovers. Honestly, what isn't better and sexier with a runny fried egg on top?

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