Thursday, November 26, 2009

A few things that I am thankful for this year:

...Mexican food, in all shapes and forms; my ability to travel and experience new things; my wife and family; cheeseburgers; Yellowstone National Park and the many places within; Big Sur; our cat; ridiculous food; poached eggs;  any big breakfast; my bike(s); Bozeman and all the good stuff that we have here: food, skiing, scenery, people...; our apple tree; the ridiculous sunsets that I can see from my yard; the ability to ski and bike in the same day any time of the year (sometimes on the same trail at the same time); good music of all forms; KGLT; my Texas roots that give me perspective;  coffee, lattes, and my espresso machine; plentiful food, drink and good company; knowing that I can get to New Mexico in one day's drive; my wife's mastery of pizza crust and all things baked; the sunlight coming through our front windows; road trips; my car; empty stretches of fast highway; and the possibility that maybe, just maybe Elvis has not left the building. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Eileen said...

Amen! Beautiful photos!

EmilyEE said...

Nicely put, Tom! Glad we got to have a make-up Thanksgiving with you and the ever-lovely J. Those were some sick mini pies!

maybe said...
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