Sunday, August 9, 2009

Julia Child, L-Town, and 2nd Street Bistro

Saturday night became dinner and a movie night thanks in part to the newly opened Julie and Julia flick and Livingston's 2nd Street Bistro.

We had been warned: don't go to this film hungry. Good advice, as the food-porn-shots of sizzling-butter-in-copper-cookware along with Meryl Streep's/Julia Child's yummy sounds will taunt you throughout the 123-minute run time.

Entertained, and now voraciously hungry, we escaped Sweet-Pea clogged Bozeman for our reserved table at the 2nd Street Bistro in the ever-charming Livingston.

A bottle of 2005 Savigny-Les-Beaune gets things started along with appetizers of moules frites and seared scallops. Jen's moules were bathed in a gloriously heady broth of garlic, parsley, and Pernod. The broth was so delicious that she asked for a spoon to dispatch the remnants once the moules were gone. Nicely seasoned and crispy fries did their job as broth delivery vehicles.

My scallops sported a particularly nice sear along with near perfect done-ness. They rested along-side a risotto of saffron and basil studded with crawfish tails. A drizzle of spicy oil rounded out the dish.

Entrees included a seafood stew of shrimp, calamari, salmon, muscles, and a classic steak frites.

Yet another enticing broth, this time with tomatoes, saffron, and fennel, was the backbone of the fish stew. It was an evening of aromas!

The steak frites utilized a flatiron cut and was sauced with a red-wine bernaise. This particular sauce is what American brown gravy aspires to be. Medium rare and well seasoned, the steak was as delicious as I wanted it to be. The fries once again mopped up wayward puddles of bernaise.

For dessert, it was a dark chocolate cherry tart and a bing-cherry cake. Chocolate-cherry-fudgey goodness was packed into a buttery shortbread crust. The delicious white cake took on a bit of a purple haze with the cherry-bits laced throughout. A delicious non-sequitur on each dessert plate was a stegosaurus-shaped crispy cookie that spoke in clear tones of butter and lavender. Yum.

I really enjoy 2nd Street and its classic bistro-ness along with a very thoughtful wine list. Loads of gems can be found on the wine list from some of my favorite regions: Burgundy and the Rhone. Just to show they care (or brag), the restaurant even sports an empty 1970 Margaux bottle as a vase in the men's bathroom.

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