Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fiji Fish Burger at Bozeman's Papulo Dogs

Let me get this dogs, Hawaii, fish burgers, in Bozeman? I love creative thinking just a much as the next guy. I love creative cooking maybe just a bit more...and this little place seems to have both going on.

I stepped into the just-opened Papulo Dogs today dead-set on a hot dog; it's in the name after all. I ended up with a whole different animal - literally.

I had a "burger" of fresh ground mahi-mahi with sweet potato fries. The nicely seasoned and pan seared mahi burger tasted good with the chipotle/red pepper cream sauce that dressed this toasted-english-muffin sandwich.

Moist and flavorful describes the burger that also possessed the appropriate bun-to-meat ratio. The fries were crispy and dusted with parmesan. The salsa fresca and chipotle cream sauce added a little heat and freshness that balanced out some of the inherent decadence of the dish. Need more shmeckus for your dog/burger/fries? Additional and creative ketchups and sauces await on a condiment bar.

Next time: the "Todos Santos" dog with Mole with the house-made sweet onion potato chips!

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