Wednesday, June 23, 2010

West Yellowstone's Taqueria Las Palmitas

Thank you, food gods for guiding the old school bus that is Taqueria Las Palmitas to a parking spot in the heart of West Yellowstone.

Here's the drill: get on the bus, place your order, wait for tasty Mexican goodness. Consume. Benches and counters line the front half of the bus, with the kitchen in the back. A few picnic tables outside are available if the weather is playing nice.

Today's special was the verde burrito, which I enjoyed filled with carnitas, frijoles y arroz and a delicious tomatillo-based salsa verde. A nice touch on all of Las Palmas dishes is the garnish of house-pickled (bus-pickled?) JalapeƱos and carrots and a small container of thin and hot salsa.

They offer about thirty different dishes ranging in price from $1.50 for a single taco to $8.99 for more elaborate fare. The burrito pictured and a Mexican Coke set me back about $8. Sweet.

Las Palmas (or the "taco bus" as it is simply known among townies) is a gem and worth a stop the next time you find yourself at Yellowstone's West Entrance.

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Ms.Mollie said...

I heard references to a school bus restaurant and was very pleased when you provided more details! Do you have any more specifics about the location? Are there any other good Yellowstone restaurants/diners to eat at? They don't have to be spiffy, just looking for affordable and cool pclaces to eat.

Tom said...

The Taco bus is located on the East side of Canyon Street (the main drag) between Yellowstone Ave. and Hwy. 20.

Other places in West I like...Sydney's Mountain Bistro on Canyon (not exactly cheap, but good bistro-am-I-in-West-type-of food); The Wine Bar on Madison in the old school building; Wild West Pizza on Madison (get the Mac-N-Cheese topped with anything from the pizza menu; and Morning Glory Coffee (roasted in house) on Dunraven.

Also I am very curious about the New Zealander that sells burgers, and meat pies on the west side of town on the 20. Stand by for details...

Anonymous said...

About how much per entree would the bistro be? Is the school bus run by Xanterra? Thanks for the extra recommendations, I'm always trying to avoid popular fast food joints, and getting some local places in that serve good food is always nice.

Tom said...

The Bistro will run you about $12 (for a rather substantial burger) to $25ish for fancified specials.

The bus is most definitely not run by Xanterra - unless they are doing so as part of a covert re-branding effort - ha!

The Wine Bar's food is prepared by a local caterer and so far, seems quite promising with lots of small plates, house-made naan, and even some "bigger" dinner specials.

I have some food pics from a recent visit to the Bistro and I will make a post soon.

Alicia said...

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