Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bozeman's Bacchus Pub

A rainy/snowy Bozeman Saturday set the tone for our lunchtime outing to the Bacchus Pub. My desire for calories track upward whenever the temps drop and humidity levels rise. 

Welsh rarebit never fails to come to the caloric rescue. A mixture of good cheese and a rasher of bacon broiled to bubbly perfection, rarebit will simultaneously restore the life-force within and send your triglyceride level off the charts. One piece of flatbread was provided. Initially, we wondered why not more bread? While the bread was a nice delivery vehicle, it mainly just got in the way. Forget the bread, just get me a spoon.

We also enjoyed the hot, filling, and well-seasoned shepherd's pie and chicken pot pie. Both looked pretty in the window light spilling in from Main Street and tasted great on this chilly, damp day. 

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Unknown said...

Tom - your great photos make the food at this place look WAY better than it actually is.

Tom said...

DL - Thanks! ...and, I agree that the BP can be hit and miss, but it hit the spot on this day.