Friday, June 26, 2009

Burger Addiction: Fried Egg-Topped and Pate-Stuffed

...Not at the same time, mind you. That would be madness. Life; however, would not be near as exciting without a few spikes of madness now and again. Which is why we went to the Mint last night despite recent "adjustments" to my work schedule and income. Nothing quite says comfort food to me more right now than Belgrade's Mint Bar & Cafe. Upon request, the ever pleasant staff will present you with a proper medium-rare burger with a wicked sear - and topped with a nice over easy fried egg. The spongy English muffin successfully works overtime to absorb both the creamy-custardy egg yolk...and the juices (who I am kidding here, blood) of the burger. The fried egg request, I have learned, generally earns nods of respect from staff...and stares of confusion from bar mates.

Another nice touch at The Mint...those thin, fresh shoestring fries. Let's not forget about the decent wine list or high-rent cocktails.

Good thing I've postponed that blood work...

Last Saturday, our friends Garth and Tracey came over for general enjoyment and debotchery. Generally speaking, you know it's going to be a good night when your friends show up with a meat grinder and magnum of good wine. Unless, are a vegetarian that doesn't drink.

The fresh-ground beef chuck patties were stuffed with cubes of duck liver pate. Topped with Gorgonzola and a pineapple and onion relish, these burgers hit all the happy places...richness of beef and liver-y pate, pungent blue cheese and a little sweetness from the onion relish all squished between two nicely grilled slices of golden challah bread.

The wine, a 2006 "The Prisoner" from Napa winemaker Orin Swift, was pretty tight coming out of that giant bottle but after spending some quality time in the decanter, fruit, spice..and even a bit of acid was noticible. Its bigness and juiciness worked well with the over-the-top theme of the evening.

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