Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fast and the Fabulous: Ketchum and Sun Valley, ID

...Okay, Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho maybe not "fast" but they are definitely fabulous. A trip to Ketchum is to travel to another planet - to a parallel universe - to - perhaps the pages of a Ralph Lauren or J. Peterman catalog. Fabulous. Where Jackson Hole plays out the whole Wyoming-Teton "Western" thing to an ersatz extreme, Sun Valley is more toned down - little families and empty nesters riding their bicycles to Yoga class or that perfect little home town bakery. Both towns harbor enough botox to wipe out all the cattle in India.

Zoning in Ketchum is so particular, it was actually difficult to locate a gas station. Looking for some fuel on our way out of town, after several minutes (and after a few laps of town) I wondered out loud if residents were so perfect in fact, that they didn't need gasoline - or bathrooms!?!?!?

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed our stay here - and I plan to return. We had some great food. I marveled at the aesthetic of it all. Bicycles, vintage Volvos and other classic motors; restored bungalows, coffee, gourmet food; trails and bike paths leading everywhere and anywhere. Utopia?

Ketchum is so fabulous in fact, it makes Bozeman feel edgy and seedy...with all our visible gas stations and...un-restored sports cars and probably less expensive bicycles.

As for the food: Ketchum Grill, Christina's and Ciro did not dissapoint...reviews to follow.

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