Monday, September 7, 2009

Off the Leaf Coffee & a Sublime Apple Dumpling

Celebrating our Labor Day Weekend by laboring as little as possible, Jen and I decided to make a tactical trip to Billings, MT to (a) hit a bigger department store for much-needed work threads and, (b) eat something good.

Thanks to the staff at Off the Leaf Coffee, (b) was easily achieved in the form of two properly poured lattes (one mocha), and one knee-bucklingly-good apple dumpling. The apple dumpling was baseball sized and covered in flaky, if not slightly crumbly (in a good way), homemade pastry. The apple hiding inside was coated in the right amount of sugar/spice and it was cooked just enough to leave a bit of toothsomeness in the fruit. Wow. 

I can tell you with absolute certainty that we will be transforming some of our apple crop into these spheres of homey goodness.

Great (if not doted over) coffee at OTL? You bet. Apple dumplings? If you're lucky.

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