Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Nikon F90X and a Challenge From Rick E.

Over dinner last night, my buddy Rick and I had a philosophical discussion about needs and wants, specifically when it comes to cameras.

On more than one occasion, I have gone on about how I'd love to have a big digital SLR to capture creamy images of food, friends, and scenery. Rick contends that while all of that would certainly be possible, the pain of lugging around such a full-size device counteracts the gains made in photographic output.

To make his point, Rick has generously loaned me one of his full-sized film cameras, a Nikon F90X. After a trip to Target for both batteries and film (remember that stuff?), Rick gave me the Nikon F90X-for-dummies tutorial on the various modes, settings, buttons, and dials.

While Rick hoped to drive home the point that I would loathe the overkill, I fear perhaps the opposite will occur. I have popped off about 10 frames and I already love the mechanical "thh-click!" of the shutter and film advance sounds. With the supplied 24-120 3.5 lens, I can get a shot of the whole bathroom Jen just painted. Alternatively, I can now get that tight shot of lunch with the nice and fuzzy background...mmmm...bokeh!

Over the coming days I will shoot a few rolls of film (and wait for it to get developed/scanned to digital) and see how this experiment goes. Pictured is Rick's F90 and my current pocket-sized Coolpix.

Let the experiment begin!

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