Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Texas Classic: Al's Hamburgers

Al's hamburgers are not:

Pate-stuffed, fried-egg topped, made with Kobe Beef, served with a brioche bun, with cloth napkins, etc...

Al's hamburgers are:

Served in white paper, thin and well seared, served "Texas Style" with lettuce, yellow mustard, and onions, served with home made fries.

....wrapped up in white paper like little beefy presents, Al's hamburgers offer an express ticket to diner heaven. Vinyl-covered b&c chairs, sports posters, photos of patrons consuming large quantities of product provide the atmosphere appropriate to the food.

I ordered a double cheese burger, fries and Shiner Bock beer. I ate all of it....and think to myself...maybe a triple next time....

Apparently not the first person to ponder a multi-stack of Al's burgers, our server, Belle, brings over a framed collage of images from a group of local college males who each put away 11-stack cheeseburgers.

Al's is an Arlington institution that moved from its original drive-in location to the current spot in a non-descript strip mall. While the setting has changed, the food - thankfully - has not.

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