Monday, June 8, 2009

Gastronomie de la Récession aka: Nachos

Look, its Monday night, the fridge contents and my desire to actually cook are both at critically low levels. Gone is yesterday's pork tenderloin with cherry and red wine reduction and sweet potato fries with spicy aioli. No sir, tonight the pickens are a little slim. Hmmm....ground beef, a tomato, avocado, some red onion, salsa, and chips. This, if you were a college student, is looking like dinner. Unfortunately I am not a college student. But these are uncertain times and it is hard to argue with the calorie-effort-dollar ratio of the humble nacho. A hot pan, some cumin, New Mexico chile powder, the onion and a few tomato bits dresses up the ground beef. Mr. Avocado is transformed to Mr. Guacamole. Oven is set to 450/convect; layering beef, beans, cheese until I can't lift the sheet pan; blast in said hot oven until bubbly and good. Cracking open cheap Mexican beer. Que lastima!

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