Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dallas Tex-Mex: Matts El Rancho

Thankfully, Tex-Mex cuisine did not die along with one of its champions last March with the passing of Matt Martinez. Matt's El Rancho lives on flying the Tex-Mex flag and serving up classic Tex-Mex dishes like chile rellenos, enchiladas, good chips and salsa...and for the calorically challenged: Bob Armstrong dip, or simply a "Bob". A bowl of queso with a core of guacamole, sour cream, and seasoned beef, a "Bob" (small or the OMG-large size) sets the perfect tone and gets the palate ready for both the calories and the tasty goodness that will soon be yours.

A small Bob, Pacifico beer, thin and crispy chips, and the thin and hot salsa sets the mood. The main course of a chile relleno topped with chopped pecans and raisins brought extreme satisfaction. Crispy coated, beef stuffed, and tomatillo sauce topped, Matt's chile relleno is: crispy, creamy, smooth, earthy...and with little bits of crunchy pecan and sweet raisins just bringing it all together.

Creamy, lard-enhanced refried beans are cleaned off the plate along with everything else.

Why can't people make anything like this in Bozeman?

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