Sunday, April 5, 2009

Escape to Jackson Hole: Part 2

The white noise of the hotel room heater/AC unit having done its job, we awake to a sunny day doing its best penetrate the seams of the curtain drawn across the hotel room window.

Having enjoyed dinner at Trio last night, we know now that the food advice we received was solid (thanks, Niki!); so we opt for one of the breakfast recommendations: Pearl Street Bagels. This choice was reinforced by the PSB ad that featured a bagel, of course...but also an image of a perfectly poured latte with a clean Rosetta clearly visible in the foam.

The tiny bagel joint had a steady stream of what were clearly regulars coming and going. The bagel selection included pumpernickel among about a dozen other flavors. Pumpernickel I should mention is a variety not offered by Bozeman's Bagel Works. I, of course wanted a latte...that looked like the one in their ad or maybe like this one.

The coffee, while very good...didn't quite deliver visually. No Rosetta here, just a nice abstract swirl of espresso crema and steamed milk micro-foam. Hey, they were busy...and I'm sure that I probably looked like the mouth-breathing, big eyed tourist that I was. The pumpernickel bagel on the other hand was great; having the perfect balance of slightly crunchy skin, chewy, but somehow light interior. The generous schmear of salmon cream cheese made it a complete meal.

After breakfast we head up into the fantastically sunny - and empty - Grant Teton National Park. Other than the sun, a couple of moose and a handful of other visitors, it felt like we had a private showing for two of the entire Teton Range.
Don't let the sun fool you, it was about 18 degrees.

Millionaires and wannabees aside, Jackson and the Tetons rarely disappoint.

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