Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earning The Turns (and Tans) at Bridger Bowl

In what so far seems like an endless winter, I have learned to run outside at the first sign of a)blue sky or b) actual shadow-producing sunshine. Saturday produced both of these items and I headed up to Bridger Bowl with my intrepid ski buddy, Rick.
Some warm weather earlier in the week followed by one of our recent snowstorms had left the hill with a really firm base coated by about 4" of creamy spring snow. Not the only folks out on the hill, the parking lot looked more like mid-February than late-April in terms of cars, dogs, and general hangings-around by endearingly grungy ski-bum/dirtbag community.
SPF 50 sunscreen barely held back the intense springtime sunshine; cheekbones barely contained huge grins at we linked lazy turns down un-tracked not-quite-powder/not-quite-chowder snow.
Thanks to Rick E. for sharing the pics.

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