Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Vegetarian, The Cowboy Ribeye and Fresh Ricotta

An unlikely combination for sure...but rounded out with a salad of quinoa, arugula, tomatoes in a caramelized onion/balsamic dressing, a few sauteed mushrooms, and the dessert containing the home made ricotta with berries, honey and mint? An unlikely, but enjoyable combination none the less.

I rubbed the big rib eye with coffee, New Mexico red chile powder, cumin, salt, and brown sugar. Grilled to medium-rare (more medium unfortunately), the steak had a lovely char on the outside yielding to a nice red (or pink) center. Tender, juicy and infused with the slightly smoky flavor of the rub, the steak was a carnivore's delight.

To work with our vegetarian friend, we made a quick salad dressed with the balsamic onion spread we picked up from All Things Italian and some olive oil - and a bit more good balsamic vinegar.

The star of the evening however, was the last minute dessert of fresh ricotta - which we made to prove how simple this process was - with fresh berries, honey and a few slivers of mint leaves. The dish was pretty in a red-white-and-blue kind of way and it tasted fresh and AWESOME.

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