Monday, July 6, 2009

Bryan, Texas: Los Norteños Cafe and Huevos Velveetos

In the interest of fairness, this post contains no photos. Just my words - whatever that's worth. Also: they DO NOT have a dish called "Huevos Velveetos" on....

After downing a tasty coffee in the LaSalle hotel's lobby, we decide that it is time to take on some breakfast calories. We wander across Bryan's Main Street to load up at a local institution: Los Norteños.

I have good - make that great - memories of this place. Home-made tortillas, creamy lard-enhanced refried beans, etc...basic, but good Tex-Mex.

I seemed to recall that the breakfast burritos were big. This theory is further reinforced when I ask our server if we would need one or two of these to fill up (at $3.99 each); when she states that one is plenty since it is made with six eggs.

I guess I didn't fully process that last bit, you know, about the SIX eggs. I was thinking surely she must have meant the equivalent of six eggs....easy eggs in a bag sort of thing....talking big, but really meaning two or three.

Judging from the Nerf-ball sized migas burrito that arrived at the table, they really do mean six eggs.

Also not mentioned is that they include about, oh, 24oz. of Velveeta in each burrito.

I am stopped, abruptly, about half way through this monster. I imagine my aorta filling with Velveeta, straining to pump the thick goo that I have ingested.

Check please.

We proceed back to the LaSalle and down Americano's to counteract the impending food coma that we surely deserve.

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