Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tex Mex, New Mex, and 3200 Miles of Pavement, Part 1

Recently, we decided that escapism such as going to the movies, eating out, inviting friends over for pork feasts doesn't live up to actually escaping. Which is exactly what we just did: Thirteen days and about 3200 miles worth of escapism; two weeks filled with Tex-Mex enchiladas, proper BBQ, family visits, Texas Hill Country scenery, smoldering New Mexican red sauce, general enchantment, art and some serious miles behind the wheel of the ever-capable and turbo-charged goodness of the Subaru.

Breaking up the "usual" 1600-mile drive to Texas from Montana, we settled on the day 1 destination of Trinidad, Colorado. Trinidad, if you check you maps is really close to the Colorado-New Mexico border, which is to say that it is pretty weird. Don't get me wrong, I love New Mexico is about the closest thing you can get to visiting another country...without leaving this one.

We had been provided with a tip for dinner in Trinidad: Rino's (ree-nose):

How weird was it? Driving up to the 19th century church that Rino's occupies along Trinidad's brick streets we detected two things: garlic and a serious sound system. Walking in, we were greeted by both the hostess and the thundering overture of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Upon presenting ourselves with our reservation, our hostess (one of the owners) informs us that "we'd better wait until he finishes his number." His? Why it was Elvis, The King himself and he even looked appropriately aged and soft. You know, nothing really warms up my appetite like a good-ol Elvis impersonator. During the King's number, I informed the hostess that I had once seen Wayne Newton use the 2001 Theme to kick off a show (no kidding, at the Stardust, no less). "Newton used that one?" she questioned, seemingly surprised that the Rino's entertainment team wasn't the first show/act to go with that number.

Elvis was great, were the other numbers throughout our dinner. Dinner, by the way was also tasty and home-made. While simple Italian fare of piccatas and marsalas, the sauces were were well seasoned and tasty and the pasta not overcooked.

We knew about half way through the King's first number that this was going to be a great road trip, in the classic style.

Tomorrow...Burgers from HELL, maybe.

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